General Information

Notice of the merger of Československá obchodná banka, a.s., and OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.

Implementation of CSOB API is prepared according to Slovak Banking API Standard methodology v 1.1. For API call, ETSI certificate with company name and UTF-8 encoding must be used. APIs can be used by clients of CSOB bank with current account held by CSOB bank on which they have access via Moja CSOB and use any of allowed authorization method like Token, Token for mobile or SMS. Payment limits and disposal rights are the same as in Moja CSOB. All service for testing purpose are accessible after successful registration on

This guideline documents the CSOB API interface according to PSD2 directive. The manual describes using of individual APIs, process flows of individual scopes, and the meaning of the parameters used.

Third party can test their application in SandBox using test URIs. No registration is needed, all test data are available in documentation (Test data section). Once the test is done, third party can start using production URIs. For production, the very first step is to call enroll service (for details see Authorization API – TPP Enroll create section), which returns technical identificators needed for further communication. After succesful enroll, third party has to be approved on bank side. After this procedure, third party will be informed via email and is allowed to call CSOB API services.

All TPP requests including enroll and integration support are usually responed within 10 working days.

The CSOB API and Developer portal offers a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that gives the ability to use CSOB functionality in third party applications. The Developer Portal offers documentations and testing facility for following services:

Account Information API (AISP)

Documentation of endpoints for Account Information Service Providers according to Slovak banking association standard. This API allows to get information about client’s account or transactions on client’s account via third party’s application.

Payment initiation API (PISP)

Documentation of endpoints for Payment Initiation Service Providers according to Slovak banking association standard. This API allows to initiate payment orders via third party’s application.

Balance check API (cPIISP)

Documentation of endpoints for card-based Payment Instrument Issuer Service Provider according to Slovak banking association standard. This API allows to get the information about disponibility of certain amount on the account.

Authorization API

Documentation of endpoints for authorization third party identity (enroll) and identity of client, as well as endpoints for authorization client’s request.

Certificate renewal

There is no special procedure for certificate exchange. Third party can just start using new one. It will be validated online during first call.