Dev Portal Overview

After selecting the APIS tab, an interface with available methods is displayed. The process flow of all services is described in Chapter Service Call Process (FLOW).

Picture: API interface

General description of API is designed by SBA (Slovak Bank Association).

Each resource contains:

Available Methods

API definition (download)

  • Open API: description API in swagger 2.0 (json)
  • WADL: XML service definition

API change history

  • Changes to the API (by date and any notes to changes)

Possibility of manually request fill (Try it)

  • Manually filling the parameters of the request (or the headers) and sending (even for testing purposes)

Request description (json)

  • URL
  • Header
  • Body

Response description (json)

  • Response to validated calls (200)
  • Event. Error description

Code samples

  • Code samples for API calls