Account information API (AISP)

These API‘s allow to get information about client’s account or transactions on client’s account via third party’s application. Following services are available:

  • Account transactions – this service returns a list of transactions of account for a defined time period
  • Account information – this service returns account information for specific account including balances
  • Account list - this service returns list of accounts to which client has given a mandate to specific TPP
  • Standing order list - this service returns list of standing orders from accounts to which the client has given a mandate to specific TPP

API usage
API can be used by clients of CSOB bank with current account held by CSOB bank on which they have access via Moja CSOB and use any of allowed authorisation method like Token, Token for mobile or SMS. Payment limits and disposal rights are the same as in Moja CSOB.

Charges for client
Using API for account information does not charge any additional fees for clients.

Automated data downloading
After strong customer authentication can third party download client’s data 4 times a day without client or anytime when client is present. This is handled by „PSU-Last-Logged-Time“ atribute, where time no older than 1 hour means that client is present. Bank can verify with client whether he was present or not, and in case of fraudulent act will notice Competent Authority.

Service availability
Service is available 24/7 except periods of technical maintenance. These activities are announced in advance on our web site.