Payment information API (PISP)

This API allows to initiate single payment order via third party’s application. Following types of payment order are available:

  • single SEPA Credit Transfer
  • single Foreign Payment

API usage

API can be used by clients of CSOB bank with current account held by CSOB bank on which they have access via CSOB InternetBanking24 and use any of allowed authorization method like Token, Token for mobile or SMS. Payment limits and disposal rights are the same as in CSOB InternetBanking24.

Currently are implemented following services:

  • Standard payment initialization – the service is used to initiate payment in XML (PAIN.001)
  • Simple standard payment initialization – service is used to initiate payment in JSON format (only SEPA payments)
  • Standard payment submission – the service enables authorization of initialized payment
  • Payment order status – the service provides information (payment status) about the initialized payment
  • Balance check – the service provides information about enough account balance with a yes / no answer only.

The prerequisites for calling the above methods are as follows:

  • The TPP is registered for this role and has this scope contained in the validated certificate
  • The TPP has valid access token

Access_token for Standard payment initialization and Simple standard payment initialization services could be obtained by TokenBySecret or by refresh_token obtained from multi-scope SCA. This refresh_token is valid for 90 days and generated access_token is valid for 20 minutes. Further information as flow can be found in chapter Services Call Process (FLOW).

Cut of time

It is necessary to check periods for payment order submitting prior the payment order is initiated in order to have payments order processed at the set due date. Due date of the payment received after cut of time period may be set to next business day or payment order may be rejected. Cut of time periods for payments initiated via CSOB API are the same as in CSOB InternetBanking24 and are available on our web site:

Charges for client

Payments realized via the CSOB API are charged to clients of CSOB bank same as the payments initiated via CSOB InternetBanking24. Actual scale of fees is available on our web site:

Exchange rates for clients

For payment in foreign currency or from account held in foreign currency, the rate which is valid in time of processing is used. Actual table of exchange rates is available on our web site:

Payment formats

Only normal priority is allowed. Payment order can be initiated with actual or future due date. If due date is set to non-business day, it may be set by bank to next business day or payment order may be rejected.

Supported data format are ISO XML pain.001.001.03 and JSON according SBA standard. JSON format is available only for SEPA payments from EUR accounts within European union (excluding Switzerland and Monaco).

Character set

Only following characters are allowed:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 / - ? : ( ) . , ' + Space

Payment status for client

Actual status of payment initiation and processing is transmitted between CSOB bank and third-party provider via technical data exchange. Third party provider is obliged to present this status to client in its application. Third party provider can ask for actual payment order status via API within 7 days.

Service availability

Service is available 24/7 except periods of technical maintenance. These activities are announced in advance on our web site:

Further information as flow can be found in chapter Payment Process.

PISP services are created according to the SBAS methodology.