Account information API (AISP)

This API allows to get information about client’s account or transactions on client’s account via third party’s application.

Currently are implemented following services:

  • Account information – the service returns account information for specific IBAN including balances
  • Account transactions – the service returns a list of transactions of account for a defined time period, TPP can obtain transaction history up to 90 days history if client is not logged in PSU.
  • Account list - This operation provides list of all accounts to which the client has given a mandate. Relevant are only accounts enabled within SCA with scopes.

API usage

API can be used by clients of CSOB bank with current account held by CSOB bank on which they have access via CSOB InternetBanking24 and use any of allowed authorization method like Token, Token for mobile or SMS. Payment limits and disposal rights are the same as in CSOB InternetBanking24.

Charges for client

Using API for account information does not charge any additional fees for clients.

Service availability

Service is available 24/7 except periods of technical maintenance. These activities are announced in advance on our web site:

The prerequisites for above mentioned methods calls are following:

  • The TPP is registered for this role and has this scope contained in the validated certificate
  • The TPP has valid access token (obtained by client SCA process)

Access_token for AISP services could be obtained only by refresh_token obtained from multi-scope SCA. This refresh_token is valid for 90 days and generated access_token is valid for 20 minutes.

AISP services are created according to the SBAS methodology.